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Motorhomes & Classes 1,2 &4

MOT Testing is a legal requirement for all cars that are three years old and over.  As well as testing cars, we are also able to offer full MOT testing on Motorhomes and larger vehicles in classes 1 & 2. Our Flexible service offers you the option of booking an appointment to suit you, whether this is a “While You Wait” service, or dropping off out of hours using our secure key drop off.  Additionally, we may be able to offer you the use of one of our free courtesy cars*.

(* This is subject to availability, age restrictions and you are within legal motoring requirements)



All makes and Models

Regular servicing of your vehicle is vitally important for its continued reliability and efficiency whatever its age and mileage. Regular oil and filter changes along with general inspections and replacements will keep your car on the road and will help to prevent it from letting you down when you need it the most.  We are able to service all makes and models whether in, or out, of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Due to block exemption regulations, you are no longer restricted to taking your car to a franchised dealer for servicing under warranty.  So, as long as the garage you take it to can maintain the car to the required manufacturer’s standard then everything will be within legal requirements.  Here at The Motorhouse this is something that we can absolutely guarantee.  We are experienced, well equipped and fully trained to work on most car makes and adhere to the high standards expected of a service centre following the Trading Standards Approved Code.

As well as the above other main dealer benefits come along with our servicing. We will collect and deliver your car if required or provide a courtesy car.  We also have clean and pleasant premises if you would like to wait for your car.  Whatever works best for you, works for us!

Our professional service starts when you first contact us and book your car in. We will schedule your appointment for a time to suit you and once booked into to the garage we will keep you informed as to its progress and always ask permission before undertaking any extra work over and above the agreed servicing.

Furthermore, once you have visited us and we have completed the work on your vehicle, we will set up a customer record which enables us to notify you when future servicing and MOT tests are due. Meaning you can simply relax and drive your car, safe in the knowledge that we are taking care of it for you.

Book your car in with The Motorhouse and be assured of the customer service that our independent garage can assure you of every time, however big or small the job.



screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-15-10-29As your car tyres are the only contact with the road, it is vitally important that your tyres have enough tread and are in good condition for safe and efficient motoring. Worn tyres will affect the performance of your car, and below a certain threshold are illegal and would cause your car to fail an MOT test.

At The Motorhouse Leeds we supply and fit all manner of tyres on all makes and models of cars at prices that are competitive.  We will gladly inspect your tyres for wear and repair or replace them. The service includes environmental disposal of the old tyres, and we will investigate cases of abnormal and/or uneven wear if required. For example, uneven wear could be a symptom of poor tracking caused by kerbing or a deep pothole. Should this be the case, we can re-align your wheels.

We can also offer tyre repairs such as punctures. Due to modern techniques, it may be possible to effect a quick and lasting repair rather than replace the whole tyre.

We are able to supply a wide range of tyre types from many leading manufacturers for many different cars. Just give us a call to book your car in and we will do the work while you wait.



We use the highest quality Exhausts and in all cases they are the manufacturer recommended exhausts. These are supplied and fitted at competitive prices on all makes and models of cars by our competent and knowledgeable technicians and mechanics. You can be confident that we will always be honest and so if your exhaust has a fracture that can be welded, we would rather repair it than sell you a new one.



All cars rely on an electrical supply and tired car batteries are vital in sending the all-important energy around the vehicle to get things moving. The car battery powers everything from the ignition system through to the stereo and interior lights.  Car batteries, like typical batteries from your home, will eventually start to run out of energy and while they can be topped up with jump leads it’s always best to look at the option of a car battery that is fully charged and ready to get you moving.

The Motorhouse supply all manner of batteries at competitive prices fully fitted on all makes and models of cars by our competent and knowledgeable technicians and mechanics.


Clutch & Gearbox repair and replacement

The clutch is a complex but essential part of your car.  It allows you to smoothly change gear and increase the power provided by the engine when you pull away. Sometimes the clutch will start to wear, reducing the amount of power supplied and making gear changes difficult, this is when we can check your vehicle and advise you on the best way to not only repair the problem.

All types of clutch and gearbox repairs and replacements are supplied at The Motorhouse at our very best prices.  We will carry our repairs and fitting on all makes and models of cars by our competent garage team.


Engine Diagnostics

We have the expertise and the latest equipment to ensure your engine is performing as it should and we provide a full engine diagnostic service using the latest in technology to test the engine of your car for various malfunctions.

Many cars now have computerised engine management systems designed to look after the efficient running of the engine, and these can be ‘interrogated’ by our leading edge equipment by literally ‘plugging’ your car into the system.  So if a tell-tale warning light has shown up on your dashboard, we can plug your car in to our diagnostic testing equipment and soon get to the root of the problem. These days symptoms such as difficult starting, misfires, overheating and poor performance can be investigated though engine diagnostic tests and the cause quickly identified.

Thankfully due to block exemption rules, independent garages like The Motorhouse can now carry out diagnostic testing on all car make and models as we have the required equipment and experience.

Timing Belt Replacement

It’s very important to ensure your timing belt (or cam belt as it is otherwise known) is replaced at the recommended intervals, which is something we take very seriously at The Motorhouse.  This is because if the belt snaps whilst in motion it can result in serious and irrevocable damage being done to the engine.

Our qualified and reliable garage team know that when replacing a timing belt achieving the correct belt tension is critical. Too loose and the belt will whip, too tight and it will whine and put excess strain on the bearings of the cogs. In either case belt life will be drastically shortened.

If you are concerned about your timing belt or are not sure when it was last replaced, just give us a call and we will happily check your vehicle and give you the best and necessary guidance.


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) Regeneration

A diesel particulate filter (or DPF) is the device designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine.  Once again it is very important to ensure the DPF is functioning to its full capability as not running the regeneration cycle soon enough increases the risk of engine damage and/or uncontrolled regeneration (thermal runaway) and possible DPF failure.

If your car has a diesel engine and you have concerns in this area or would just like us to check this for you, please just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Air Conditioning

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-15-07-46There are many reasons why your Air Conditioning may need attention?

Refrigerant top up: over time the refrigerant levels drop and you will notice the air conditioning system no longer demists your windows and keeps you as cool as it used to. We can restore the refrigerant (often known as a ‘re-gas’) so the system cools and demists properly once again.

  • Seals deteriorate: the seals in the system can sometimes dry out and leaks may result. We can check your air conditioning thoroughly for leakages.
  • Lubrication: one of the reasons why seals can deteriorate is through lack of lubrication. If the system is not used for a prolonged period, the seals can dry out causing them to work less effectively.
  • Bacteria and fungus: over time, bacteria and fungus can gather in your air conditioning eventually causing unpleasant odours in the cabin and possibly allergic reactions. To combat this, we can disinfect your air conditioning which will not only rid the system of bacteria and other microorganisms but protect it from future build ups.

Your car’s air conditioning needs periodic maintenance to continue working efficiently by providing cool air and de-humidifying the interior. Along with re-gassing, we can service your air conditioning to remove contaminants and ensure efficient operation.
The Motorhouse Technicians are experts in air conditioning servicing and maintenance for many types of car, so if yours needs attention get in touch.


Injector Max Service

An Injector Max service is for all vehicles with fuel injection systems, either petrol or diesel.  For a quieter smoother, cleaner, fuel efficient and more responsive engine an Injector Max Service is a must for your personal vehicle in order that it is a more fuel efficient and more responsive engine.

An Injector Max Service will remove deposits from the fuel rail through to fuel injectors without damaging the engine, fuel pump and fuel lines. This will give instantly recognisable results to power and fuel efficiency and return your vehicle to how it used to feel when it was new.


In-House Body Shop

The Motorhouse prides itself on being one of the area’s best equipped car body repairers and we can handle a huge range of body repairs from large to small repairs in our in-house body shop.

We have the staff and equipment on site to repair anything from the most superficial of scratches through to the heaviest of accident damage. Using the latest vehicle repair technology and equipment, all repair work is carried out to original manufacturer specification and all work comes with a paint and labour guarantee and any manufacturer corrosion warranty will be honoured.

Our paint shop is normally able to save faded, dull or lightly scratched paintwork, this can take a couple of hours to achieve but the results are normally worth it. Please discuss options and prices with our qualified estimator.


Wipers & Bulbs

All manner of wiper and bulb repairs and replacements supplied and fitted at prices competitive with quick fit centres in Leeds and the surrounding area on all makes and models of cars by our competent and knowledgeable technicians and mechanics.  No job is ever too small for our friendly and experienced mechanics.


Four Wheel Laser Alignment (Tracking)

Wheel alignment (sometimes called tracking) is an important piece of car maintenance that ensures your car’s wheels are giving their best performance in terms of handling, fuel economy, ride comfort and even tyre life.  Thanks to advances in the technology used to measure wheel alignment, a computerised alignment can have your wheels back to the precise positioning that they were when they left the factory, and our standard wheel alignment use lasers to ensure a good alignment for your car.

A car’s wheels can go out of alignment from everyday use, but knocks and bumps caused by potholes or ‘curbing’ your car can have an immediate effect on your car’s tracking.  Even though you might not immediately notice the effect to your car, even having wheels that are misaligned by a small amount can have an impact on your car’s fuel economy and tyre wear, however the further out of alignment your tracking is, the more noticeable the impact will be.

There are three main types of wheel alignment that should all be adjusted to get the optimal performance from your car.

  1. Toe Alignment
  2. Camber Alignment
  3. Caster Alignment.

At The Motorhouse all of these can be addressed to stop your car from pulling to one side which is a common complaint of wheel and uneven tyre wear.